Medical & Analytical

Apparatus and processes in which valves partly come into direct contact with fluids introduced into or taken from patients are a part of medical technology. e.g. the handling of medical gases in respirators or the handling of liquids in dialysis. This field of application requires the use of inert materials, a low dead volume, low power consumption as well as easy-to-flush internal valve or system cavities.

Medical product laws require compliance with applicable legal requirements. Many applications require a hermetic separation between the fluid (liquid or gas) and the internal parts (control system) of the solenoid valve in order to:

  • exclude particulate contamination caused by friction of moving parts,
  • minimise heat transfer from the electromagnetic part, and
  • ensure a high level of reliability of the solenoid valve when handling extremely aggressive fluids

The valves in these apparatus and processes do not come into direct contact with the patient, and they are mainly designed to handle aggressive gases and liquids instead.

Analytical applications require resistance to aggressive fluids (inert valves), a low dead volume and an easy-to-flush design. To reduce heat transfer into the fluid, valves with low power consumption are used.

Our range of valves are ideal for use in applications in the following areas of:
Medical Technology
Artificial respiration Anaesthesia
Oxygen concentration Dialysis
Dentistry Clinical sterilisation
Minimally invasive surgery Cryosurgery
Cellulitis treatment  
Analytical Technology
(GC, IC and HPLC)
Immunology Zytology
Biotechnology (DNA synthesis) Emission analysis
Water analysis Leak measurement

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Catalogs Available

 Analytical and Medical Technology Valve Catalog Analytical and Medical Technology Valve Catalog